Matroid Learning Seminar

This seminar introduces matroid theory to students and faculty interested in this exciting and timely topic. We will follow James Oxley’s textbook on Matroid Theory supplemented with additional material. A zoom link will be sent to the mailing list. Since this is a learning seminar, the plan is to have one or two people “teaching” it each semester and to go relatively slowly.

The talks are recorded and posted on the YouTube channel

Notes by each talk will take you to a pdf document with notes from that talk, that you can quickly peruse instead of watching the hour-long video.

Wednesdays from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Spring 2023

Jan 25, 2023: Independent sets and circuits. Notes.

Feb 1, 2023: Bases and rank. Notes.

Feb 8, 2023: Closure, flats, hyperplanes. Notes.

Feb 22, 2023: Review and Big Picture. Notes.

Mar 15, 2023: Matroids as Geometric Lattices

We will resume in the summer.

I am asked sometimes what a matroid is. I often revert to our sacred writings and recall the encounter of Alice with the grinning Cheshire cat. At one stage the cat vanishes away, beginning with the tip of its tail and ending with the grin, which persists long after the remainder of the cat. – W. T. Tutte

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